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This is a painting of a young girl from the Samburu tribe. They are also referred to as “The Butterfly people” due to the vivid kaleidoscope of colours they use to adorn themselves with in their traditional dress. Even though a lot of them wear elements of western clothes today, their more is more aesthetic still shines through. The geometric colourful backgrounds in my paintings are inspired by the traditional Samburu beadwork which is not only decoration but also signifies Marital status and standing within the tribe. There is no pictorial art or literature associated with the Samburu as they maintain an oral tradition and being semi nomadic herdsmen, their art is what they carry with them. In this series of paintings I’m attempting to capture the people themselves and create a visual language of uncomplicated symbolism that conveys the power and energy the culture.

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Medium: Archival pigment ink on Smooth Rag 300gsm paper
Edition of 50 + 3 AP

Size: A2

Paper size 684 x 535mm
Image size 584 x 435mm

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